Thursday, 20 February 2014

Did you know about this amazing facebook apps?

Facebook is a great way to express yourself with the status updates and stay connected with your friends and family. I am going to tell you about some really great facebook appa that you should try. Its new style of using facebook with thses great apps for desktop.

1. flip your facebook status

       This is not exactly an app. But you can post very interesting status by using to post your status upside down. very interesting idea for status will get more likes and your friends will ask you how did you do this. Try this out.

2. FBQuick-

This is a desktop notification applications which is very useful. You can be connected with all your friends and family adn receive the notifications on desktop while you are doing something else on desktop. If you have this app you dont have to open the browser and check facebook all the time to check for notifications.
you can download this app from

3. Flip Toast App-
This app will give you the list of facebook features you might wanna use. This is a great userfriendly app giving list of facebook features just a click away. If you are facebook fan and want to explore more about the features then this is right app for you.

I hope you will try these apps and enjoy. Happy facebooking !!!

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